Best Fruits
To Eat
For Healthy Skin

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Rich in lycopene and enzymes, papaya can dissolve dead cells, improve elasticity and work on scarring.

1. Papaya

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With a host of  phenolic antioxidants, strawberries can stop collagen from breaking down and prevent UV damage.

2. Strawberry

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Grapefruits are filled with vitamins A and C  which encourage collagen formation and fight signs of ageing on the skin.

3. Grapefruit

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Cherries contain antioxidants that have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties which can settle acne, redness and eczema.

4. Cherry

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Packed with AHAs and bromelain, pineapples are a natural exfoliator to do away with uneven skin and dark spots.

5. Pineapple

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Blackberries contain vitamin K and manganese which heal wounds and protect from the effect of UV rays.

6. Blackberry

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With minerals and vitamin B3, dragonfruit soothes redness, reduces sunburn and relieves inflammation.

7. Dragonfruit

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Plums are rich in vitamin E and fiber which keep it moisturised and help rid the body of toxins through healthy digestion.

8. Plum

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