5 Celebrity Skincare Hacks To Bookmark For Winters

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These celebrity beauty hacks are just perfect to amp up your skincare routine and give you a sunkissed glow this winter

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Kriti Sanon has always sworn by a routine that is high on hydration. She sticks by the rule of keeping skin moisturised with a nourishing barrier cream.

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Moisturising Is The Key

Jennifer Lopez gave her nod to this beauty staple, choosing an ultra-hydrating lip mask for both daily wear and, when layered on thick, to keep overnight for extra hydration. 

Lip Balms Are A Must 

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Take that extra step to boost your skin glow. Amyra Dastur does it with an LED mask - a mini home spa. It claims to reduce blemishes and the final effect is a radiant glow.

LED Masks

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Uorfi Javed swears by her vodka-lemon DIY routine. She mixes some lemon juice in vodka and applies it on her skin and then after 10 minutes she layers aloe vera over it.

DIY Routine

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For an instant fresh look, Kareena Kapoor first applies a wet towel on her face, then moisturises generously with serum and sprays face mist to seal the hydration.

Wet Towel

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