3 Reasons Why Talking About Mental Health Is Essential

In the wake of the news of suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, let us reiterate that its time the stigma around mental health is eliminated

3 Reasons Why Talking About Mental Health Is Essential

The more you talk about mental health the more you desensitize the issue

When the news of Designer Kate Spade's suicide broke, everyone around me was asking the same question: "But why?". Not even a few days from then, there was another shocking news, that of American Chef and eminent TV personality Anthony Bourdain's apparent suicide. Everyone who was wondering about Kate Spade are now talking about how one may seem like they have it all but you never know what's going on inside someone's head and life. As a lot of love and tributes poured in for these too, many reiterated how conversation around mental health is more necessary than it ever was before.

Here is why you should participate in conversation around mental health the next time it is happening around you.

It desensitizes you

The more you talk about mental health, depression, anxiety and such issues the more you desensitize the issue and make it easy for you to deal with it. You pretty much talk it into normalcy. And that is essential.

You help remove the stigma

The best part about coming out and talking about it is that people see that anyone can be affected by mental illness the same way anyone can get physically unhealthy. You remove the stigma attached to mental illnesses just by talking about it and educating more and more people when they raise their concerns about the topic.

You make it better for yourself

If you are someone dealing with mental illness, you talk to people not only for them but also for yourself. Talking about what you are going through is always helpful because not only do you allow someone to be there for you but you also get give your heart and head a way to ease out.