3 Things To Do When You Need A Break From Everything

Sometimes, it makes sense to pause our lives and take stock of everything that is happening

Staying away from everyone and everything for a while offers time to get a fresh perspective

There are times when everything in our lives seems to overwhelming to handle. Work, family, friends, commitments, loved ones - everything starts feeling too exhausting and tiring. Not only do you feel like you are not up for anything but you also can’t go about your regular life without feeling a bit of ennui and listlessness. At these times, what seems to make sense is to pause and take stock of things in our lives. It does us good to take some time off and figure out what the source of all this botheration is.

So if you have been in a similar kind of phase, here are some things you can consider doing to make yourself feel better and take some time off.

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Take a small trip by yourself

You don’t have to escape for days altogether; a small trip to the mountains for a city close by away from your home and people should do you some good. It will give you some time to reflect on everything that has been bothering you and also to enjoy some time by yourself.

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Break up with the internet

Deactivate all your social media accounts for a while, no matter how hard it feels. A lot of our anxieties and negative feelings come from a constant scrolling and finding out what everyone is doing and what you aren’t or can’t. This cultivates a feeling of low self worth and underachievement which only adds to our stress. Cutting from from all social websites helps.

Take up something exciting

Have you ever stayed in your own city as a traveller? Get a room in a hotel, travel and see things that you always wanted to but didn’t have the time to? Or eat at that fancy place where you never go? Doing something to please yourself and make yourself is happy to remind you that you can cure this listlessness all by yourself. Doing exciting and refreshing things brings a fresh perspective.