5 Foods To Avoid When You're On Your Period

Let's face it, even though we women experience periods every month, it can get pretty rough for a few of us.

5 Foods To Avoid When You're On Your Period

Caffeine can make cramps worse during periods

We just never get used to the bloating, the mood swings and don't forget the cravings that go into an overdrive mode! At this time, the worst thing you can do to yourself, is to eat food that actually worsens your situations.

So, here are a few items you definitely need to strike out of your meals during those '5 days of the month'.

1. Caffeine

Drinks like coffee should definitely be avoided as they lead to high blood pressure and can cause anxiety, dehydration and can also disrupt one's sleep cycle. All this can cause your moods to swing right and left, just like an oscillating pendulum!

2. Dairy products

Everyone likes a cup of warm milk during those painful cramps. However, dairy products are known to contain an acid (arachidonic acid, to be precise) which in turn can cause and aggravate cramps.

3. Alcohol

Who doesn't like having a shot or two of alcohol, if it helps you forget your cramp pain? However, having too much alcohol can cause your period symptoms to worsen. Better stay away.

4. Red meat

Foods high in saturated fats, like red meat should be avoided as they can worsen your cramps, bloating and acne. Instead, consuming leaner meats like skinless chicken or fish and other proteins is a better idea.

5. Processed foods

Bloating is something that occurs naturally during your period. And gorging on food high in sodium content, like processed food, would further water retention adding to the puffy feeling you experience. So, stop eating those greasy, salty chips, no matter how much you crave them. Instead, make the smart choice of replacing them with fruits or vegetables cooked in unsaturated fats, which are low in sodium.