5 Things You Need To Make Every New Year Resolution Possible

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5 Things You Need To Make Every New Year Resolution Possible

Get a head start on your resolutions for the year ahead

The end of the year marks the beginning of resolutions for the upcoming one. If you're absolutely serious about making them happen, the first few weeks are crucial to change your old habits and cement new patterns. Here's how you can get a head start before 2019 is here. Whether it's saving money or caring for your skin, we've got 5 things to help your resolutions become a reality in the new year.

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If You Want To Get Fit…

Add in exercise equipment. In addition to a regular workout, an exercise ball can build core stability, add resistance and tone muscles while being a versatile addition to a variety of exercises. The House Of Quirk Exercise Ball With Pump is available for Rs 577 from Rs 998. Shop here.


Equipment from House Of Quirk


If You Want To Drink More Water…

Track your intake. More than half of the human body is made of water so if you want to stay hydrated and function smoothly, chug more of it. You can do that with a water bottle that keeps track of your consumption. The Joseph Joseph Tracking Bottle has a dotted indicator on the cap which adds a new dot after each bottle is finished. It is available for Rs 900. Shop here.


Bottle from Joseph Joseph


If You Want To Treat Your Skin Better…

Start a skin care routine. All skin deserves to stay healthy and a great way to make that a reality is with a disciplined regimen for daily care, protection and moisturisation. The Clinique 3-Step Travel Set is available for Rs 3,140 from Rs 3,999. Shop here.


Skincare from Clinique


If You Want To Save More Money…

Put it away. A piggy bank may seem childish but is a great way to store loose change from groceries or a daily amount and let it collect so that you get a tidy lump sum when you open it once and for all. The ITO365 Handcrafted Money Bank is beautifully crafted and available for Rs 560 from Rs 899. Shop here.


Money box from ITO365


If You Want To Eat Healthier…

Be smarter when you snack. Many diets fall off the wagon because there aren't healthy snacks on hand. The Green Snack Co. Six Grain Stix comes in a pack of 6 of 3 different flavours. It is available for Rs 210. Shop here.


Snacks from The Green Snack Co.



Here's to a New Year with completed resolutions!