5 Tips To Remember When You Start Running

If you're just entering the wonderful world of running, make sure to remember these tips

Make your running count with these important fitness tips

Through the years, one form of exercise that has remained a favourite has been running. Preferred by the old and young alike, running gives the body its necessary dose of cardio training, strengthens the muscles and best part, is absolutely free. It doesn't need any training or equipment, but it is important to take care when doing so. If you're a newbie runner who has just begun running, here are five tips you should remember.

1. Pace Yourself

Don't expect to start covering miles and miles when you just begin. It's important to pace yourself when you start. In that way, your body won't burn out swiftly at the very beginning. Sprint and run in spurts at a pace in which you can converse in and make sure to take walking breaks in between. Pacing will allow you to slowly build and improve your mileage and speed over time.

2. Shoes Aren't For Style

The right footwear is of great importance to a good run and this goes beyond how good it looks on your feet. Get your feet professionally fitted when you visit a sports store and take a few walks in the shoes wearing socks. They need to be comfortable and supportive of your feet, not pinching and biting them. Keep this in mind instead of splurging directly for the new kicks that appear in a TV commercial.

3. Distance Over Time

When you start running, remember that distance trumps time; which is also where the point of pacing comes in again. Rather than extinguishing yourself by pretending you're Usain Bolt and trying to finish quickly, try to cover more distance even if it means slowing down a bit more. This will also help prevent injuries, which often occur when you push too hard, too fast.

4. Track Yourself

While fitness trackers are the current craze, they are more than just a trend. They track your type of workout, distance and floors covered, numbers of calories burned and steps, which is very satisfying to see after a good run. This also helps you plan your route and build your exercise routine even further.

5. Rest More

Remember to give your body a break on a weekly basis. A day of rest allows muscles to recover and your body to rejuvenate, which in turn allows for better performance in the future.


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