5 Vitamin C Rich Foods To Add To Your Diet

Give your body, hair and skin the benefit of Vitamin C in the most natural way possible by adding these foods to your diet today

5 Vitamin C Rich Foods To Add To Your Diet

Vitamin C can be a healthy part of your diet with these foods

Of all the Vitamins that exist, Vitamin C is most renowned with a wide range of benefits to back it up. According to Mayo Clinic, the daily recommended value of Vitamic C is between 60 - 90 mg so get enough of it and you will be doing your hair, skin and body a massive favour. It's possible to use Vitamin C enriched products and pop supplements but the most natural way to give your body the goodness of it is with foods that are rich in it. Add these 5 foods to your diet regularly to boost your body's immunity and skin healing, amongst much else.

1. Kiwi

This New Zealand native has the typically tangy taste that is often associated with the Vitamin. It is high on the Vitamin C scale and has approximately 64 mg of Vitamin C. It can fulfil the daily requirements in just one serving, imagine that.

2. Guava

The fruit with one of the highest doses of naturally occurring Vitamin C is the humble guava, which is almost five times more than an orange. A single guava has approximately 125 mg of Vitamin C. Good enough reason to load up on this fruit.

3. Kale

Now this one may come as a surprise. The leafy green superfood kale is an unlikely vegetable that also lists high on the Vitamin C scale. One cup of it contains approximately 80 mg of Vitamin C so make sure you add this green to your next salad.

4. Papaya

Besides the many antioxidants it is packed with, papaya is also rich in Vitamin C. 100 gms of papaya contains approximately 62 mg of Vitamin C which makes up one's daily recommended value. The next time you think of using papaya in your face packs, eat some of it as well.

5. Strawberries

Being part of the citrus family, this tart fruit is obviously an excellent source of natural Vitamin C. One cup of strawberries contain approximately 80 mg of Vitamin C, which makes it a perfect healthy and taste snack.



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