6 Amazing Ways To Use Mason Jars Around The House

One jar, so many uses

6 Amazing Ways To Use Mason Jars Around The House

Carry your smoothie in a mason jar

Remember a few years ago when mason jars were everywhere - in shop windows, cafes and grocery stores? To keep up, you went ahead and bought a six pack which, after a bout of spring cleaning, you've discovered under the cabinet. Good thing is, mason jars have a number of uses around the house and are still relatively trendy. So if you're looking to add them to your decor or find use for the ones you own, make use of them in these six ways.

1. Carry-all Container

Make a single serving of overnight oats, smoothies or salad directly in a mason jar, screw the lid tightly and place it in the fridge overnight. The next day, carry it with a spoon and eat it on your daily commute as it makes a portable container.

2. Flower Vase

Want to add a fancy Pinterest-esque aesthetic to your desk? Nothing does it better than flowers. Pour water into a mason jar until it is three fourth of the way filled and place your flowers inside. For an added touch, add two drops of food colouring to the water and watch the magic happen.

3. Makeup Storage

Atop your dresser, store your makeup brushes in an opened mason jar as it is the ideal size to hold them in place. You can also stack loose boxes and tubes in jars as them being transparent makes it easy to identify the makeup you want.

4. Gift Jars

Most appealing looking DIY gifts are born inside mason jars. You can crumble cake and frosting in a jar, tie it with a spoon and gift it as a cake jar. Or a full stack of cookies with a ribbon tied around is a cookie jar that anyone would want to dig into. Another clever gift jar is one stacked with cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate chips and marshmallows packed with a straw. All your loved one will have to do is add milk for instant hot chocolate.

5. Décor Lighting

Mason jars can also make excellent lighting solutions for your home. One filled with fairy lights on your bed side table makes for a great night light. You can make an oil lamp by filling a jar with oil until three fourth full and placing a thick wick in the centre of the jar. Another way is by pouring melted wax mixed with fragrant oil into a mason jar with a wick in the centre and allowing it to cool. In an hour, you'll have a mega scented candle.

6. Grooming Kit

To make a grooming kit, assemble a nail polish, nail remover wipes, nail clippers, filer and four way buffing tool in a mason jar. You can decorate with confetti for a quick gift or even carry it yourself when travelling.


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