7 First Aid Storage Kits That Are A Must Have In Every Home

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You can never be too prepared in an emergency

You never know when disaster can strike. Although it isn't pleasant to think about, a sudden injury or accident can leave one scratched, bruised or even unconscious. Emergencies need quick reaction time and immediate treatment with the right pills, bandages or creams. That's why you need one of these first aid storage kits in your home. Fill them with the necessary medical supplies (depending on your conditions) and keep in a place that everyone is aware off so that you're prepared for everything.

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The ALKOS First Aid Box is a white and green powder coated aluminium cabinet with three plastic compartments which can be closed with a lock and key.

The Dhruheer Medical Kit is a red polyester and nylon pouch that has a mesh pocket, elasticated holder and plastic sealed pockets.

The Easydex First Aid Travel Pouch is a small and lightweight first aid pouch that's perfectly portable to carry with you.

The Lepose First Aid Box is a brightly coloured white and red metal and acrylic cabinet with four shelves inside for adequate storage of all your medicines.

The Saiyam First Aid Pouch is a miniature sized zippered pouch with multiple mesh pockets that can be kept in your handbag or vehicle.

The Vajin First Aid Storage Kit is a bright red polyester bag with multiple compartments and a handle on top.

The Milton Emergency Medicine Storage is a plastic first aid box with a partition tray, transparent lid and handle on top.

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You can never be too prepared with these picks.