7 Flossing Products So You Don't Skip This Dental Hygiene Step

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Do more for your teeth than just brushing them

So you brush twice a day, use the newest toothpaste that hits the market, gargle after every meal and yet your dental problems won't leave you at peace? Then it's possibly because you're not flossing. Often skipped until it's time to visit the dentist, flossing removes plaque and stray food particles from between your teeth which in turn, reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and more. Reason enough to start flossing again, for which you can choose from these 7 dental floss products.

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The Oral-B Glide Floss Picks are a pack of 75 flossing picks that promise to slide better in tight gaps with a minty fragrance that lasts long.

The Oracura Table Top Water Flosser is the future of flossing. It has a nozzle with a pressurized water spray and 10 speeds. This cleans every area of the mouth without external strings, improves gum circulation and includes a tongue scraper.

The Thermoseal Floss is a rolled container of waxed floss thread that is 50 metres in length with a mint flavour.

The Rosenice Dental Floss Pick is a pack of 20 individual floss pieces which are ideal to carry when travelling.

The Dr. Dentaids Floss is a set of 3 rolled flosses. Each is 30 metres in length, they expand in contact with saliva and have a fresh fragrance.

The Oral-B Essential Floss is a rolled waxed dental floss with shred-resistant texture and minty scent.

The WaterPik is a cordless and rechargeable water flossing device that uses a pressurized water spray from the nozzle to effectively clean the teeth.

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Do more for your teeth than just brushing them.