7 Products That Every Breastfeeding Mother Will Appreciate

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7 Products That Every Breastfeeding Mother Will Appreciate

These will make the experience of breastfeeding easier, smoother and richer for any mother

Once pregnancy is completed and your baby is born is when life truly begins. Get set for a flurry of emotions and more tasks than your hands can handle. Through the exhaustion of it all, breastfeeding is one of the most magical experiences that you, a new mother can have. But that doesn't mean it will always feel like that. To provide nourishment to your little one and aid in their development, your body needs to be guided, nurtured and cared for too. These 7 products will do exactly that for breastfeeding mothers.

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The Mother's Horlicks is a health and nutrition drink that is scientifically designed for pregnancy and lactation. It contains 25 vital nutrients and protein with a vanilla flavour and no added sugar. It also provides vitamin B2, iron and folic acid for lactation.

The GoodLuck Baybee Breastfeeding Pillow is a 100% cotton curved circular pillow. It provides support for the baby to be fed and rested in various position without putting much strain on the body.

The Mom's Co Natural Nipple Butter is ideal for those who suffer from sore nipples post feeding. It is made with calendula oil and natural vitamin E without fragrance to soothe and moisturise cracked nipples.

The Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb is ultra-slim, light and made with non-adhesive tape to sit discreetly under any clothing and provide leak-proof coverage.

The LuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump has a rechargeable battery and 3 unique feeding modes, massage, stimulation and expression designed for quick and comfortable milk flow. It also has anti-back flow ability and a gentle massage cushion to stimulate flow.

The Motherly Nursing Bras are a pack of 3 padded maternity bras made of a cotton and spandex blend. They are sweat resistant, have adjustable straps and are flexible to snap on and off quickly.

The Pink Stork Lactation Support Tea is a tasty and sweet organic blend of herbs like fenugreek and fennel seed which are designed to improve milk supply, taste and flow. It contains 45 sachets and makes 90 cups of tea.

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These will make the experience of breastfeeding easier, smoother and richer for any mother.