7 Remote Controlled Toys Your Child Won't Get Enough Of

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Your child is in for a treat

If your youngling is tiring of her stuffed plushies, doll houses and toy soldiers, there are many more exciting toys you can introduce them to. Welcome to the world of remote-controlled toys, where all is automated and you can make everything fly, crawl or whizz past with the flick off a switch. It's no wonder children love automatic toys with remote controls, which yours will too. Pick from these 7 and we're certain they won't be getting enough of them.

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The Popsugar Rock Crawler Monster Truck has dual motors, skid-resistance and can run up to 15 kms per hour. It can also grip the ground better in uneven terrain and race multiple cars without interference.

The Webby Racing Toy is a multicoloured police racing toy that includes music, honking and flashing headlights. It comes with a matching controller and removable driver.

The Zest 4 Toyz Racing Car is a sleek red racing car with rechargeable batteries and a charger. It has an attractive design with wheels made of high-quality rubber.

The Gooyo Cross Country Toy Car has fully functional four channel remote controls with adjustable front wheel alignment plus working headlights and tail lamps.

The VE Kid's HX 750 Drone Quadcopter has special 3D rolling effects and orients the drone according to the controller. It does not have a camera and comes with 3 speed modes.

The VE Flying Helicopter senses any objects below it when flying upwards. It is meant to be flown indoors and can be controlled by gesturing your hand.

The JCB Excavator Truck is a bright yellow digging truck that can be remote controlled to move in any direction and also to simulate excavating motions.

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Your child is in for a treat.