8 Bikes For Toddlers Learning To Ride

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This is one present they won't be able to get enough off

After flying through the basics like eating, sitting and reading, another category of skills that is useful for toddlers is riding a bike. Whether on a balance bike or cycle with training skills, it's important more than only for stamina. Riding helps develop hand-eye coordination, balance, leg muscles and even cardiovascular health. That's reason enough to encourage them to get pedaling. Once your little one is at the right age, gift them one of these 8 bikes to hone their skills.

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The Webby Q1+ Riding Bike is a four-wheel balance bike to introduce when the child is learning how to walk. Made without pedals, it helps develop motor skills and increase their balance.

The Strider 12 Pro Baby Bundle is a balance bike with a rocking base. Children 6 months or older can use the bike on the rocking base before learning to walk. After 18 months, it can be removed from the base. It has a lightweight frame, padded seat and handlebars.

The R For Rabbit Baby Tricycle can be assembled easily in minutes. It comes with pedals for the child to move themselves forward as well as a removable parental control handle.

The Strider Sport Balance Bike comes without pedals and can be ridden by those who can walk, that is children as young as 18 months. It never requires training wheels and can be used up to 5 years.

The Baybee Ride-On Car is made of durable PVC plastic with strong back support, smooth seating and a horn too.

The Babybee Mario Sportz is a plug and play baby tricycle which has a cushioned seat harness, UV resistant sun cover and parental control handle.

The Adventor Kick Cycle is a three-wheel standing cycle which can be propelled forward by thrusting with the feet.

The Brilrider AF Balance Bike has a low adjustable bike seat with an ultra-light frame and no pedals.

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This is one present they won't be able to get enough off.