8 Healthy Food Items That Are Diabetes-Friendly

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Manage your diet with these smart picks

The most important aspect of those suffering from diabetes is managing their diet. Go wrong with that and the repurcussions aren't only superficial but can negatively impact their health. That's why it's important to stock the pantry with foods that are sugar free and diabetic-friendly so that a simple snack in the middle of the afternoon won't leave your health swinging in the balance. To manage diabetes with ease, choose from these 8 healthy foods that are diabetes-friendly.

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The Baker Street Sugar Free Toast are wheat based toast pieces which are completely vegetarian and free of sugar, trans fats and artificial colours.

The Dezire Sugar Free Laddoos are 100% natural boondhi laddoos made with a low glycemic sweetener and no added sugar.

The Great Banyan Multigrain Health Drink is a multigrain malt drink made with anti-diabetic herbs like aloe vera and haritaki to keep sugar in check and promote healthy digestion. It contains no preservatives, colours, flavours, added salt or sugar.

The IKO Sugar Free Oatmeal Crackers are high fibre pumpkin oatmeal crackers which are free of sugar without any preservatives or colours, made with whole grains.

The Nutriorg Diabetic Care Juice is 100% natural juice of aloe vera, amla, kala jamun, karela and more. This dietary supplement has no artificial colours or preservatives and is completely sugar-free.

The Taste Good Karela Biscuit is a pack of 4 and brings the vegetable in a whole new format. It contains no added sugar and no cholesterol while being high in fibre.

The Ensure Diabetes Care Health Drink is a vegetarian product that provides energy, builds muscle mass, manages blood glucose levels and supports weight management.

The Diabliss Millet Cookies are low glycemic index diabetic cookies with chia seeds that have zero trans fats and cholesterol.

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Manage your diet with these smart picks.