A Victoria's Secret Model Reveals What She Eats In Real Life

Ever wondered what a model eats in a day? Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm tells us what's on her plate.

A Victoria's Secret Model Reveals What She Eats In Real Life

Model Bridget Malcolm shares what's on her plate daily (Image Credit: Bridget Malcolm)

At some point or another, you've definitely wondered what a model attributes her fabulous, toned figure to. Is it some crazy protein shake with the rarest of berries from Peru? Is it just endless plates of salad? (Hold the dressing, please.) Or is it nothing really? Finally, those questions will get a fitting reply from none other than Victoria's Secret model, Bridget Malcolm.

At just 26, Bridget has walked the runway for many famed design houses including Rodarte and Stella McCartney. The Australian model; who would probably tower over us all at 5'10", also dishes out lifestyle tips on her blog, Bridget Malcolm. From discussing her workouts to advising starry eyed model aspirants, Bridget tells all on the site. One such recent blog post of hers was that of her daily eating plan, when she isn't training for a photoshoot or show.

To start her day, Bridget "wakes up at 6 am, meditates and drinks two litres of water." Think of this the next time you hear the endless chant of water being a health essential. She follows this up with black coffee while studying and writing, which she claims is her "prime time to focus."

Once she's back from paddle boarding, by 10.30, Bridget digs into brekkie. Although she claims in her post that she doesn't find herself hungry in the morning, she either opts for oats cooked in almond milk with apple and cinnamon or a model-favourite smoothie packed with the good stuff including seeds, berries, leafy veggies.

Bridget clocks in her lunch at 1.30 pm and dinner at the enviable hour of 7 pm both of which are usually a thai curry or vegan tacos or a "massive salad".

Along with that, a few food tips she reveals in her post are "drinking a gallon of water every day", "cooking majority of my meals" and "eating a salad with every meal."


BRB, making myself a large bowl of oatmeal right about now.