Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Deals On Fitness Equipment So You Can Work Out At Home

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Exercising at home just got more affordable

The monsoon plays dampener to many plans, especially for those who exercise. Whether yours involves a run on the track, a trip to the gym or yoga in the park, workout routines can be thrown out of sync when it's raining. But if you've got all the fitness equipment you need, the weather won't be able to play spoilsport again. For that purpose, we've listed 7 great deals on fitness equipment so that you can workout at home.

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The Vector X Resistance Thera Tube is a flexible and tough resistance band with D-shaped handles and offers approximately 9 kgs of resistance when added in an exercise. It is currently at 60% off.

The Sporto Fitness Equipment Set is perfect to set up your home gym. It includes 20kgs of PVC weight, foot curl rods, dumbbell rods, locks and clippers for each of them and leather gloves.

The Nivia Supreme Gym Belt is an ergonomically designed padded belt that is extra wide for added support. It is currently at 42% off.

The Cosco Ankle Weight is a set of two wrap-on weights made of lycra, iron and sand which are durable and made to add weight when exercising. It is currently at 11% off.

The Strauss Moto Push Up Bar is a set of 2 compact, ergonomically designed handles for push ups with the right form. It is currently at 52% off.

The Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettlebell is a vinyl-coated iron kettlebell with a textured handled for secure grip of 6.8kgs. It is currently at 40% off.

The Amazon Basics Exercise Mat is an extra thick foam mat with a textured surface that provides support and cushioned. It is currently at 37% off.

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Exercising at home just got more affordable.