Celebrate Mango Season With These 3 Delicious Drinks

Cool down with the king of fruits

Try these lip-smacking mango drinks for yourself

One of April's greatest highlights is the fact that mango season has finally arrived. The precious summer months are the only time of the year when the king of fruits can be savoured in desserts, pickles and even in a glass. To enjoy mango in new form, give these three delicious drinks a try at home and say cheers to everyone's favourite fruit.

1. Mango Lemonade

If the only types of lemonade you've tried were pink and citrusy, you're in for a treat. This refreshing drink brings together two delightful fruits in a mix of Caribbean flavours.


Two cups chopped mango chunks

Half cup lemon juice

Three fourth cup sugar

Two cups cold water


In a saucepan, mix the sugar and cold water on a slow flame. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, remove from stove and leave aside to cool completely. Next, make a puree of the chopped mangoes in a blender and pour it into a pitcher. Then add the lemon juice to the pitcher and stir well. Next add the sugar syrup, few spoons at the time to adjust your level of sweetness. Finally, top off with ice cubes and serve.


2. Mango Colada

The delectable coconut favourite gets a tropical twist when you add the king of fruits to the mix.


Half cup mango juice

Half cup chopped mango

Quarter cup coconut milk

One tablespoon lime juice

Half cup ice cubes


Add the mango chunks in a blender and mix until it is a smooth puree. Then add coconut milk, lime juice and mango juice and blend until combined. Finally add the ice crushes and blend once again until it is an icy mix. Serve in a tall glass with more ice cubes if needed.


3. Mango Fizz

This mango drink stands out from the rest with its unique taste and refreshing fizz.


Half cup ginger ale

Handful of mint leaves

Quarter cup mango puree

Two tablespoons lime juice

Two tablespoons sugar syrup (as prepared in first recipe)

Half cup ice cubes


In a pitcher, mix mango puree with sugar syrup and adjust syrup based on how sweet you want it. Add ginger ale to the pitcher, top it with mint and give it a thorough stirring so that it mixes well. Serve in a glass with a sprig of mint.


Now take a large sip to best enjoy mango season.