5 Myths About Contraceptive Pills: Debunked

Did you fall for these myths too?

There are many myths surrounding birth control pills.

Contraception is an important part of our sexual and reproductive health. Yet there is so much wrong information about it all over the internet - and people often fall for certain misconceptions.

Hence, we talked to Dr. Arti Luthra, General Physician and Gynecologist, and asked her to provide us with some information about contraceptive pills.

Following are some myths according to her, which you should stop believing right now!

Myth # 1 - The Pill Makes You Infertile After Frequent Usage

Dr. Luthra completely labels this statement as a myth. She says that "as soon as you discontinue the pill, you regain fertility within a month, or sometimes in 2 to 3 months. So don't you worry!"

Myth # 2 - You Won't Get STDs If You're On The Pill

Sexually transmitted infections are passed from one person to another during sexual contact. According to Dr. Luthra, birth control pills can be effective in this case. But she suggests that one must use a condom every time during intercourse, as one may or may not pick up an infection. So just be sure.

Myth # 3 - The Only Use Of The Pill Is For Contraception

No! Dr. Arti Luthra says that girls and women are often prescribed birth control pills for irregular or absent menstrual periods. She tells us that PCOS is a hormonal imbalance which causes irregular menstrual periods, acne, and excess hair growth. Hence, girls who are diagnosed with PCOS are often prescribed with oral contraceptives to lower their hormone levels and regulate their menstrual periods.

Myth # 4 - Women Who Smoke, Cannot Use The Pill

According to the Doctor, women who smoke regularly, can use the pill but with a caution. This is because they are prone to the 'Thromboembolic Phenomenon' and 'Vitamin B12 deficiency' in their bodies. Several health risks go along specifically with smoking while on the birth control pill, hence one should always be careful.

Myth # 5 - People Over 35 Can't Be On The Pill

Nope, they totally can as long as they don't have any other factors that would put them at a higher risk of blood clots, says Dr. Luthra. She instructs that they should not have other illnesses like hypertension or a migraine and should always contact their Doctor before taking any pill.

Dr. Arti Luthra. M.B.B.S. has been a practising gynaecologist for the last 30 years in West Delhi, with a special interest in fertility.

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