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Did You Know That Pregnancy Can Do Funny Things To You?

Your pregnancy will show you few funny and weird symptom which are unexpected and you may not know about

Did you know about these funny pregnancy symptoms?

I remember watching a Hindi TV serial during my pregnancy (my mother-in-law had been an avid follower of the show and I had little choice over what was on TV) and (to my own surprise) I broke down and cried when the young girl in the show got married and was entering her new home. It was a low drama scene, but my reaction to it was so intense that I questioned my own sanity. I cried like a little baby nonetheless! That definitely wasn't anything like me, but then pregnancy makes you do things you never thought you would.

Funny Pregnancy Symptoms

Here is listing some funny pregnancy symptoms I experienced during my pregnancy and most likely you have faced some of these too.

1. When You Eat, You Puke, And If You Don't Eat, You Puke Even More

There's just no food that seems to appeal to this wibbly-wobbly little one in the womb. One minute you are just standing there with no feeling, and within seconds you feel so compelled that you give it all out wherever you are!

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2. Need For Your Partner

You tend to need him every minute of every day. Once he is back, you will probably want to stick by his side like a baby monkey sticks to a Mumma Monkey!

3. You Get Fidgety, Snappy And Angry At The Drop Of A Hat

If someone retaliates, you use your water guns (read tears) ever so efficiently. At the exact same time you are also fiercely hungry, so much so that you could eat the entire ice-cream truck all by yourself! You get headaches so strong, you might as well consider them earthquakes (or headquakes) and measure them on the Richter scale.

4. You Notice Your Breasts A Lot

Is one big and one small? Is there milk yet? Why do they feel so heavy? Is that confetti coming out of them?

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c7c3v1uoPregnancy brings plenty of symptoms you may not know about

5. Nightmares

And tons of them. The themes are usually so scary and dramatic, you could sell them to Ramsay brothers as a script, only if you could remember them! While somewhere also thanking your brain for not remembering all of it.

6. Body Changes

When you look in the mirror and you notice changes in how you look, may be the hair becomes curlier, nose widens, lips swell - but trust me, NO ONE WILL BELIEVE IT!

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862rfmoYour hormonal imbalance will lead you to various symptoms  

7. You End Up Farting!

And your farts are so big, you can use them to convert yourself into a rocket and fly up above in the sky, just like a bird.

8. Yeast Infections

You get treated for these infections so often, you wonder how does the yeast even get there? Does my body look like a yeast nightclub to them?

Most of us will experience one or a few of these symptoms, but some of us will go through each one of these and will wish to throttle everyone who said - 'pregnancy is the best time of your life'. Where are those people now? Got any answers for these little - big miseries?

We hope these symptoms made you laugh, and if you have experienced any of these, do let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to share it with your friends who are planning a baby or are pregnant already, because everyone needs a good laugh!

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