Blog: My Tween Daughter Judges Everything I Wear. Usually, I Fail

Mum of two, Natasha Jog, shares what it's like keeping up with her fashionista 11-year-old daughter!

Blog: My Tween Daughter Judges Everything I Wear. Usually, I Fail

The complexities of a mother daughter relationship (representational)

My daughter, 11, is embarrassed by me. Not always, not over everything, but yes, too often to miss. And she makes no bones about it (which is worse, am still wondering).

It wasn't always like this of course - I was her ideal, she accepted my decisions and choices without a second thought. Heck, she didn't even question my sartorial sense! But then she became a tween and life will never be the same again.

Specially, on the issue of my fashion sense, or non-sense as she would no doubt argue.

"WHAT are you wearing," she hissed the other day. It was the usual, or let's be honest, better than my usual tracks and T. I was in a brand new top, one of those billowy kaftan style ones which I thought (courtesy a visit to the dentist) were in vogue, but the young fashionista was far from impressed. 'It's to be worn as a dress, WHY ARE YOU WEARING TIGHTS?'

'Ummm...I barely wear dresses, darling,' I said feebly, already exhausted by what was to follow. She ignored me for hours after that, just the occasional dagger.

When I wear my adult hat, even though it's not frequent, I know where this is coming from. An age when you want to fit in, you don't want best, you need right. And you can't have your mom being the reason for eyerolls, that would be unforgivable!

So I try and keep up - but am not getting very far, nopes. In fact, I may be slipping a notch or two, (like I was not at the very bottom anyway).

Case in point- sneakers... do we even call them that anymore? Anyway, I don't have too many and the ones I do 'ought to have been thrown ages ago', I have reliably learnt.

I tell her I want to do a piece on what she thinks of my 'fashion'. She's part amused, rest horrified. 'They asked YOU', she says, 'You're so retro.'

But I haven't given up - am now looking towards her wardrobe with great glee. We are close-ish in size and she won't be questioning her choices now, will she...?

Who says mums need to fight fair to stay ahead? * evil laughter *


(Natasha Jog is Senior Editor and Senior Anchor with NDTV. Mum of two and struggling to stay one step ahead, but losing badly.)

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