On World Water Day, 5 Reasons Your Body Needs 8 Glasses Daily

You can't live without it

Your body will thank you for it

It streams through continents, parches our thirst on hot summer afternoons and constitutes around 60 percent of our bodies. You guessed right - it's water and today is a day dedicated to its conservation and utility. Time and again, we've heard about how water is almost a magic elixir for the body which we should be drinking eight glasses of daily. But why? Today, we answer that with five reasons why your body needs water.

1. It Maintains Body Fluids

Since our bodies are largely made up of water, it is required it for healthy functioning of the organs. Everyday processes like circulation require copious amounts of water running through our bodies in order to be carried out smoothly so make sure you tank up accordingly.

2. It Controls Weight

Water in its natural form contains no calories so when it is used to replaced other drinks like sodas and soft drinks, it reduces the intake of calories consumed greatly. Even just drinking one or two litres of water per day reduces the risk of obesity and long term weight gain. Good enough reason to level up on your aqua, don't you think?

3. It Disposes Toxins

By now, you've definitely heard of the fact that water gets rid of toxins from the body. According to WebMD, how it does it is by providing plenty of fluid to your kidneys, which are the main organ for waste disposal through urine. As long as there is enough water within your body, toxins will be flushed out effectively.

4. It Aids Digestion

Experiencing acidity or constipation for reasons you can't understand? It's probably because you aren't drinking enough water. When you do, it helps create saliva, transport nutrients from food to the body and digest soluble fiber for a healthy digestive cycle.

5. It Promotes Skin Health

Every skin care story mandatorily mentions the consumption of water for good skin. This is because water creates a protective barrier in the skin that locks moisture within. This helps it stay plump and hydrated, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Now that you know how it affects your body, give thanks to the lifesaving fluid by taking a long gulp of it.