Sushmita Sen And Daughters Strike A Yoga Pose 103 Floors Up

Sushmita, Renee and Alisah Sen nail the wheel pose at Skydeck Chicago

Sushmita Sen and her daughters while on a holiday (Image credit: sushmitasen47)

If you are a Sushmita Sen fan then you will know very well how passionate she is about fitness. Her perfect figure is of course an outcome of serious hours spent sweating it out in the gym. From gymnastics to boxing, Sushmita always seems to be up for new challenges by including different kinds of workouts in her routine. Currently, the Bollywood actress is on a break, having a super fun summer vacation with her daughters, Renee Sen and Alisah Sen, first at Dubai and now in Chicago.

While for the rest of us a vacation may mean having to do nothing with fitness, Sushmita Sen remains dedicated to it and seems to be taking out time to workout. It's not just her who's been doing pull-ups and stomach crunches, but her daughters too. Afterall with a mom like Sushmita Sen who's obsessed with fitness, it's only expected for Renee and Alisah to follow suit.

Even when they recently visited the Skydeck Chicago, the trio decided to do their favourite yoga pose - Wheel Pose - on the 103rd floor of the building atop the protruding glass floor. The Wheel Pose, which is also known as Urdva Dhanurasana or backbend, is a relatively easy yoga asana where you need to lie on the floor and lift yourself up by supporting your weight on your hands and legs. It is good for the spine and improves flexibility. Sushmita posted a video on her Instagram and captioned it as, "What a view from the 103rd floor! #breathtaking To stand on that height over the roofs of all other buildings on a protruding glass floor can itself be intimidating. We decided to do the #wheelpose looking straight down a 103 floors. Well done @aaliyahsenb8 & Alisah..not easy but what a feeling!"

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#skydeck What a #view from the #103rdfloor #breathtaking to stand on that height over the roofs of all other buildings on a protruding glass floor can itself be intimidating , We decided to do the #wheelpose looking straight down a 103 floorswell done @aaliyahsenb8 & Alisah..not easy but what a feeling!!! #sharing #highpoint #lastday #chicago #holidaydiary2018 I love you guys!!!!

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Earlier in the week, the gang was seen "muscle bonding" when Sushmita also encouraged her sister Neelam Sen to join in.


We got this!!!!#musclebonding #happyhormones #sisters #chicago #lovethespirit #awesomefun #holidaydiary2018 Music #starboy by #weeknd mmmuuuuuaaah!!!!!

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In Dubai too, Sushmita and Alisah made sure to not miss out on their workouts and were seen nailing the yoga pose like pros. In her post, Sushmita expressed how proud she was of 8-year old Alisah for being committed to fitness, which is a new discipline in her life. She even emphasised on the importance of being consistent with one's fitness regime. She write, "The heart doesn't take a break from beating, our breath NEVER takes a day off...we must honour that back with #consistent #practice holiday or no holiday".

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Do you have the nerves to do this yoga pose on a thin glass that's over 103 stories up?