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Toss Aside Synthetic Soaps: Pick All-Natural Hand Wash For Kids

Excessive hand-washing and over-sanitising could definitely do more harm than good

Practice adequate hand hygiene for baby's good health

From the anticipatory joy of bringing forth a new life to the quickly mushrooming new-parent worries and anxieties, parenthood can be quite an emotional roller coaster! But with all of its ups, downs, spirals, and twists, that moment you first hold your newborn child in your arms is an indescribable experience. Your world transforms! And as you gaze at this tiny human that you cooked up, I'm sure you would instinctively want to smother him with hugs and kisses. Watch yourself, though! As cute as they are and as happy as you are to see your little bundle of joy, remember your little baby is still very fragile. So before you lavish your baby with those sweet, enthusiastic cuddles, kisses, and pats, here's an important bit of advice 

Wash Your Hands

Yes, I know you've probably heard this more than once! But this is also surprisingly the most overlooked advice. A lot of people tend to shirk hand-washing, tagging it as a worthless ritual that could potentially lower an infant's resistance to essential bacteria. Well, I got to agree there's some truth to it! Excessive hand-washing and over-sanitising could definitely do more harm than good.

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But if you don't practice adequate hand hygiene, you could possibly be setting your baby up for bigger health risks. Young infants are extremely susceptible to infections, and by touching them with unclean hands, you will be exposing them to an array of disease-causing germs. Not convinced? Here are some stats - The World Health Organisation states that nearly 30,000 women and 4,00,000 babies die worldwide every year from infections such as puerperal sepsis, often caused by lack of water, sanitation, and poor hygiene and hand-washing practices.

But Why Be So Overly Cautious With My Baby?

Because during the first few weeks, your baby's immune system is incredibly vulnerable and fragile. In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic, your baby's immune system doesn't mature until around 2 to 3 months, and, therefore, they can't fight off bacteria and viruses. A 2018 study carried out by neuroscientists of McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts has also revealed that even a brief episode of bacterial and viral infections within days of a baby's birth could increase the infant's risk of developmental disorders such as autism. New mamas and expectant ones alike owe it to themselves and their babies to invest in a natural, toxin-free hand wash.

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Why Pick an Organic Hand Wash Over Ordinary Soap?

I'm going to be a tad bit long-winded here. "Oh, I was hopelessly smitten! It definitely was love at first sight"-Isn't that a sentiment we hear a lot from new parents? But ask a mother, and she'll tell you it was love even before first sight.

Think about it. You spend nine-long months picking and weighing everything you eat, steer clear of the drive-thru, exercise religiously, cut back on your caffeine and try to catch your seven hours of sleep every night, all for your precious bundle. Then, why expose your baby to chemical-laden products now?

Ordinary soap is loaded with harmful chemicals, synthetic foaming agents, and artificial fragrances. While they may definitely come with a lower price tag, you will be soaking up harmful parabens, sulphates, and triclosan that will strip away your natural oils, rob your skin of moisture, and wreak havoc on your health with frequent use.

Your newborn's skin is paper-thin, super-sensitive, and extremely prone to rashes. The slightest chemical residue could be a trigger for eczema or atopic dermatitis and irritate your baby's skin. So, it's important to make the switch from harmful, commercial soaps to a toxin-free, baby-safe product.

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