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Want A Good Night's Sleep? These Are The Best Positions And Tips For Better Sleep Quality

Make peaceful sleep your top priority

Make tonight a good night for your sleep cycle

Are you up till dawn without a wink of sleep making its way to you? Is sleep evading you no matter how early you hit the sack? Even with warm milk and books at night, are you still wide awake past midnight? It might help to change your sleeping position. The position in which you sleep has a great deal to do with the quality of it. If you find yourself waking up fatigued, tired and restless, give a new sleeping position and these tips a chance because good posture may be what you need to stay well-rested.

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Best Positions And Tips To Sleep Well

Before you hit the bed tonight, try one of these sleeping positions and tips for a peaceful night.

1. Avoid The Stomach

When you sleep on the stomach, it puts pressure on the respiratory system, nerves, rib cage and spine. It can also cause an increase in your heart rate.

2. Sleep On The Side

It's ideal to sleep on your left hand side. This aligns the spine straight, helps sleep apnea sufferers and can even prevent snoring.

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3. Maintain The Position

Try to maintain this position throughout the night. You can do that by placing a body pillow under your torso and one between your knees, along with the pillow your head is resting on.

4. Observe Your Mattress

Your mattress is as important as the position you're sleeping in. Ensure yours isn't sagging or soft. A good mattress should be firm.

5. The Second Best Position

If not on your side, then sleeping on your back is the next best position for sleeping. With it, keep your knees slightly elevated.

6. Final Tips

You don't need to worry about too many details when going to sleep. Just remember to get a good pillow, firm mattress and your spine aligned for peaceful sleep.

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