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10 Exercises To Do At Your Desk To Avoid Bad Posture

Your body can do with some activity rather than being slumped all day as you stare at your screen

Being sedentary increases risk for heart diseases

If only I had a penny for every time someone complained about not being able to go to the gym, or being tired all of the time, or how this 'sitting-job' is ruining their backs - well, let's just say I would be pretty damn rich.

Hell, if only someone gave me a penny every time I complained about these things, then I'd probably not need to work all my life.

More importantly, being sedentary actually increases chances of you getting a lot of diseases pertaining to heart and liver. So instead of cribbing and crying, I decided that since my schedule didn't allow me to get enough exercise, I would research and find out things I can do while I am in that schedule. You muscles and bones, your back and shoulders can do with some activity and invigoration rather than being slumped all day as you stare at your screen.

So here are a few things you can do right at your blessed desk.

1. Stretch that neck

Bend your neck to try and touch your ear to your shoulder, but make sure you don't touch the two. Hold for a few seconds; repeat for the other side.

2. Turn the neck...

...towards your right and left, each time holding it for a few seconds.

3. Rotate the neck

Pretty self-explanatory; chin touches the chest and the heads slowly rolls from one side to another. Remember, slowly.

4. Stretch

Your hands interlaced, reach for the ceiling, stretch your body upwards.

5. Stretch sideways

Extending your right hand, bending it over your head to the left and then stretch. Hold for a bit and then switch sides.

6. Bend over...

...and grasp both your ankles; bend your head between your knees and hold for a bit.

7. Stretch the chest

Take both your hands to the back and grasp, sit up straight and hold for a like 10 seconds.

8. Shrug it off

At work, I am sure you do this more often than not. But shrug, repeat and hold each time.

9. Hug your knees...

...by bringing them to your chest.

10. Sit against the wall...

...without a chair. You do this by standing against the wall and then slowly sliding into a seating position and then holding for a few seconds. Then you straighten up, and repeat.

Apart from these, there are some other things you can do to make sure you get some more activity through the day.

11. Park your car a little away from your office building, that way you can fit some more walking into your day.

12. Take a break from your desk simply for the purpose of walking around; as silly as that sounds it is also as essential. Get yourself some coffee from the nearby coffee house.

13. Take the stairs. Enough said.

14. Taking calls at work? Walk when you talk.

15. Change the way you commute. Local transport, a combination of walking and biking and taking the train or bus is still better than driving. Driving only means you are sitting more.

I know all this sounds pretty simple, believe me it is. It is the inculcating these to your daily work routine that might be the daunting task. But as long as you do it for the greater good of your body, you know it is all worth it.