11 Amazing Facts About Women That You Didn't Know About

Simply put, they are magic

Prepare to be amazed because these facts will do just that

Women are truly nature's wonders. From raising children to shattering glass ceilings, they do it all, and in heels to boot. Most surprisingly, there's so much about the female population that we don't know yet. In the run up to the very day celebrating women over the world, here are 11 facts about women that are likely to blow your mind.

1. According to research from Psychology Today, mental connections are optimised quicker in girls than boys during the childhood and adolescent years. This is why, women are found to mature quicker in thought processing and emotional areas than men.

2. Captain of the Indian women's national cricket team, Mithali Raj has scored five centuries in One Day International matches throughout her career, a first for any Indian women cricketer.

3. Caligynephobia, also known as Venustraphobia or gynephobia, is the irrational fear of beautiful women. Yes, really.

4. In the times of ancient Greece, women used to lighten the colour of their hair using plant extracts or even worse, arsenic.

5. Recent research reported by CBS Detroit, has shown that menstrual cramps during a women's menses can be just as painful as suffering from a heart attack. This condition is known as Dysmenorrhea which millions of women suffer from every month.

6. In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a shade of red lipstick customised to match her coronation robe. This shade went on to be known as 'The Balmoral Lipstick', after her Scottish country home, as reported by The Pool.

7. Every 90 seconds across the world, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.

8. Women are known to speak more than men do. Much, much more, in fact as they speak an average of 13,000 words more than men per day.

9. In the year 1924, the only Olympic event that women were allowed to participate in was ice skating. In that year, 15 women were part of the category.

10. Savitribai Phule is heralded as one of India's foremost female leaders. She placed high importance on female education and together with husband Jyotirao Phule, opened 18 schools for girls, as reported by India Today.


11. According to Nobel Prize, only 48 women have received the Nobel Prize from 1901 till date.

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