4 Fragrances That Will Bring A Winter Vibe To Your Home

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4 Fragrances That Will Bring A Winter Vibe To Your Home

Here are a few winter fragrances you can stock up for your room

Room fresheners are a great way to create a specific ambience and aura around your room. Not just to eliminate bad smells, room fresheners bring a nice touch to the room and also do a lot to elevate your mood, even your sleep. And where summer is all about fruity and floral smells, warm and woody smells are perfect for winter. While your perfume closet must surely be stocked with some amazing winter fragrances, here are a few you can stock up on for your room.

To start with, one smell that will resonate with almost everyone for winter is the smell of cinnamon. Think of Christmas, a cup of hot cocoa, warmth, and snug blankets, the smell of cinnamon goes with it all. This Star Hollow Candle Co. cinnamon graham cracker room spray will be the perfect thing to get if you want to enjoy a warm and mildly spicy fragrance around your room this winter. Priced at Rs 2,851, you can get this here.


Speaking of warm smells, the smell of driftwood is another fragrance that one should enjoy as a winter smell. Think of a strong fragrance that comes with both floral and woody notes. This Rosemoore Driftwood room spray will be the perfect piece to get if you would like a woody smell around your room. Priced at Rs 472, you can get this here.


And if musky aroma is your thing, AirRoma musk air freshener spray is the piece you should get. The musk smell is more along the lines of being sweet, strong, and sultry. Priced at Rs 249, you can get this here.


If you are a mountain lover who would love to get some mountain vibes all the way to your room, how about getting a cedarwood room spray? This Neev cedarwood room diffuser is not only going to remind you of the hills but also promises to have a calming effect. Priced at Rs 230, you can get this here.


Which one would you get?