4 Things You Can Take To A House Party As A Guest

No matter what kind of house party it is, it is always good manners to take something along with you

4 Things You Can Take To A House Party As A Guest

Wine is always a good idea

House parties are a rage these days. Not a couple of weeks go by when someone or the other is hosting a house party, whether celebrating something or nothing at all. The idea is to have a chill scene with close friends and loved ones without the pressure of going out and spending a lot more money than you need to at fancy pubs and bars. But even as a guest, there are a few things you should remember, few etiquettes you should follow.

One of those are to always try and take something along, and not go empty handed. It's an age old tradition that we might remember many of our parents following; one that many of us don't hold any value to. But if you are one who does, here's what you can take to a house party.


The easiest choice, and always a good idea - a bottle of wine never goes waste in a party. Not only does it make for a good gift but also adds to the party alcohol stash. And if you are taking a really good and expensive wine, let the host know so they won't serve it at the moment.

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Not only if the party is thrown as a celebration for something, but also if it's just a chill scene with friends, no one minds dessert. So think about taking a cake along, or some doughnuts, muffins and the likes.

Party snack

Of course there would be party snacks it doesn't hurt to have another, eh? This is another item that everyone can share.

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Not a very imaginative idea and also one that depends on whether the host would like some, but flowers are your go-to when you can't possibly take anything else.