4 Unusual Ways To Use Leftover Beer

Getting a happy high and cool your body down is not the only thing your beer can do

Put that leftover beer to good use

Beer, a relaxing and refreshing drink, is widely popular and heartily loved. One of the many widely consumed alcoholic beverages, beer in its various forms and kinds has long made its way into many people’s hearts and continues to do so. Not only is the taste incomparable but beer also has a lot of health benefits. But getting a happy high and cool your body down are not the only things that beer can do. Here are some other surprising uses of beer that you may not have known.

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Use it to clean your hair

You know those hops, malt and the rice/wheat protein in a pint of beer? They do amazing things for your hair growth and strength. A hair wash with beer not only increases the hair shine but also boost volume and strengthens hair from the roots.

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Get those stubborn stains off

A lot of hard core stains such as coffee stains and tea stains can be cleaned off with beer. All you have to do is run a colour check first, and then if all is good, you can proceed to dab the stain with some beer.

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Polish those pots and pans

Because of its acidity, beer can be used to clean and bring a shine to utensils, pots, and pans. You can also use flat beer to clean your gold jewellery.

Make a face mask

The hops and the yeast in the beer acts as an astringent and balances out the pH level of the skin, making it is a good ingredient for a face mask. Mix some leftover beer with egg white, olive oil, and yoghurt to make a purifying mask.