5 Holi Colours That Are Safe For The Vibrant Festival

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This Holi, stay safe while having fun

A growing concern that arises every holi is that of wastage of resources. Hence playing with water isn't a preferred option but you can always play with powder or gulal instead. Not all powders, though. Many locally available holi powders contain toxic levels of chemicals like lead which have detrimental effects when exposed to the skin, eyes and hair. Take precaution when having fun during the festivities with these 5 colours which are made naturally and are a safe option for Holi.

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The Vegetal Herbal Gulal comes in a pack of 5 different colours. It is free of chemicals, non-toxic in nature and easy to wash off the skin. But hurry if you want to buy these because this bestselling item is going quickly on Amazon! It is available for Rs 160, reduced from Rs 199. Shop here.


Colour from Vegetal


The Sattvic Farms Natural Holi Colours are made entirely from natural ingredients like turmeric, vegetable extracts, herbs etc. and safe on the skin in eco-friendly packaging. A pack of 5 colours are available for Rs 270. Shop here.


Colour from Sattvic Farms


The Vedant Herbal Gulal comes in a pack of 4 colours. It is made from starch herbs, is completely natural and skin-friendly. It is available for Rs 349, reduced from Rs 599. Shop here.


Colour from Vedant


The Crafts Stock Holi Powder is herbal gulal that is made in the country from vegetable and fruit extracts. A pack of 6 is available for Rs 668, reduced from Rs 999. Shop here.


Colour from Crafts Stock


The Serenus Homes Go Natural Gulal is completely herbal powder made from vegetable and flower extracts and also includes the natural fragrances of the flowers used. It is available for Rs 494, reduced from Rs 600. Shop here.


Colour from Serenus Homes



This Holi, stay safe while having fun.