5 Statement Home Decor Pieces To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Room

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5 Statement Home Decor Pieces To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Room

There are so many ways to decorate your room if you can just be a little creative

Are you planning to add some style and beauty to your room? Have you been struck by the whole 'new year new me' song and want to change something about your living space for starters? Well, no better way to jazz up your room than to add some statement home decor pieces to it. There are so many ways to decorate your room and house if you can just be a little creative with a few things. There are so many things you can creatively use. Curious to know what we are talking about? Read on.

Have a desk or a table? How about placing a beautiful teapot on it and park your essentials all around that? This floral Purpledip ceramic teapot is exactly the kind of thing we have in mind. You can place this atop a surface, use it as a home decor, and make it something that catches people's eye. Priced at Rs 799, you can get this here.


Another ceramic piece we love is this Aditya Blue Art Pottery ceramic decorative wall plate. The beautiful blue design is bound to make any wall look way more beautiful than what it looks like. You can get a few wall plates are hang them in a cluster to make more impact. Priced at Rs 675, you can get this here.


Another idea we have is to hang these Homesake bird cages that come sin a floral design somewhere around your room. Now there are a few things you can do with these. Either you can just let these hang the way they are or you can add some fairy lights inside/around the cages to make it a statement decor piece. Or if you want to channel some natural vibes, how about placing a small pot of money plant inside the cage and letting it bloom. Priced at Rs 1,599, you can get this here.


Another thing that works as a decor piece as much as it works as a thing of use is a wall mirror. This Homesake French carved vintage looking decorative wooden wall mirror in white is exactly the sort of mirror we have in mind. Priced at Rs 2,499, you can get this here.


Lastly, what you can do is get a set of colourful empty wooden frames and hang them strategically on your wall to cover it up. Think for instance of this The Urban Store handcrafted wooden photo frame. Now if you get different wooden photo frames of different sizes, just the frames, and hang them carefully placed apart from each other on a wall, the effect will look quite marvellous. Priced at Rs 426, you can get this here.


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