8 Terrifying Movie Picks To Grab Before IT Arrives

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IT Ends is releasing in theaters soon (Image Credit: It Movie Official)

Fans of thrilling horror franchise IT, get set because the second installment is set to release. Based on the Stephen King bestseller, the movie about a daring bunch of kids named the losers, red balloons that appear out of nowhere and a killer clown has become an acclaimed film in the genre and a top choice in every horror movie buffs list. Before buying your ticket for the first show this weekend, grab these amazingly terrifying IT picks.

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IT by Stephen King dives into the creepy history of Derry and a frightening being that appears in storm drains and sewers that makes nightmares come to life.

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The IT (2017) film, which is the first chapter in the franchise, will fill you in on all the details you need before you head to the movies.

IT Ends: Chapter 2 is the second chapter in the franchise and a BluRay disc of the upcoming movie that can be pre-booked before it releases.

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