Earth Day 2019: 8 Ways To Go Cleaner And Greener

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Be an eco-warrior because that's the very least you can do for the earth

The average temperature is rising, ice caps are melting, species are going extinct and plastic is clogging our systems. Basically, our home planet is in distress, so this Earth Day is one to turn things around. Making a definite change isn't only reserved for major corporations. In fact, it's one that each and every one of us can implement to start a wave of transformation that in turn, can save our Mother Earth. Start with these 8 lifestyle tips to make your lifestyle cleaner and greener.

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1. Skip The Straw

Stop accepting plastic straws with your iced tea. Either drink from the rim of the glass, ask for a paper straw or carry your own metal straw when dining out.

Swirlster Says: The Uniquely Yours Stainless Steel Straws are a set of four reusable metal straws (two of which have a bent shape) and a brush cleaner.

2. Put An End To Plastic

Plastic is polluting our land and water, which is being ingested by wild life and causing them great harm. When shopping, refuse plastic bags and carry your own reusable tote.

Swirlster Says: The Double R Bags Unisex Canvas Tote is a wide beige tote with short handles and floral designs.

3. Bag It

As plastic is often used to dispose garbage in one's household too, use a biodegradable option that won't exist on earth for thousands of years to come.

Swirlster Says: The MIGA Eco Garbage Bags are biodegradable and compostable garbage bags that are free from plastic and an ecofriendly option to take out the trash.

4. Drink Well

Every time you need to hydrate, stop purchasing endless plastic bottles which only end up in the garbage. Instead carry your own supply in a reusable bottle.

Swirlster Says: The Vaya Drynk Thermos Flask has VacuTherm insulation to keep liquids hot or cold, an anti-slip base and a magnetic lid with a hygienically covered spout.

5. Think Long Term

Did you know that even your menstrual cycle can be made eco-friendlier? Regular sanitary pads can cause plastic build-up but a menstrual cup can stop that. When used hygienically, menstrual cups can be reused for years to come.

Swirlster Says: The Silky Reusable Menstrual Cup offers up to twelve hours of menstrual care day and night, is non-allergenic, non-toxic and can be used while playing sports or during heavy activities.

6. Plan Your Period

If menstrual cups aren't an option for you, choose reusable sanitary cloth pads that can be washed and worn multiple times, rather than being disposed after one use.

Swirlster Says: The Soch Reusable Sanitary Pads are washable cloth pads are made of microfibers, cotton and a leak-proof layer to hold all types of menstrual flows and prevent leaks. It can be reused approximately hundred times.

7. Carry Your Cutlery

Say no to plastic forks and spoons with your takeaway dinner as they'll be chucked in the trash after your meal. Carry your own set of cutlery which can be recycled and used more than once at least.

Swirlster Says:The Happy Turtle Bamboo Cutlery Kit includes a knife, fork, spoon, straw and a cleaner made of biodegradable bamboo that comes in a pouch.

8. Start Them Young

Start the ecofriendly habit with your little one and switch to reusable materials to feed them rather than plastic dishes.

Swirlster Says: The Avns India Sippy Cup is made of stainless steel and comes with a straw and cleaning brush.

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Be an eco-warrior because that's the very least you can do for the earth.