5 Beauty Resolutions That Are Possible To Achieve In 2019

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Resolutions that your hair and skin will love

The new year means new promises, even for your beauty routine. With the slate wiped clean, it's time to set new goals that will benefit your hair and skin. If you need help writing a list of resolutions, you've come to the right place. In 2019, here are 6 beauty resolutions that you should be keeping.

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1. Don't Forget About Your Body

It's common to forget your legs, hands and neck when most of your attention falls on your face, head, hands and feet. This year, aim to care more for the rest of your body by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising it more often.

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2. Make Grooming Essential

Even if you're short on time, that isn't an excuse to look ungroomed. Clipped fingernails, trimmed facial hair and pleasant perfume are basics in the hygiene and grooming department even if you choose to skip hair and makeup.

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3. Go Beneath

Good hair and skin goes far beyond the surface level. What you eat, the amount of water you drink and the quality of sleep you get plays a major part in clear skin and lush hair. Drink up and sleep well, not just once in a while but regularly as a habit.

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4. Mask More

With heat styling and constant exposure to the elements, it's impossible to get a healthy mane without regular TLC. Do right by it with a weekly hair mask in your hair care ritual.

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5. Don't Forget To Remove Your Makeup

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Leaving your makeup on while sleeping is a cardinal sin that clogs pores and aggravates it through the night. With wipes or a remover, it's a few minutes of effort that you won't regret.

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6. Do It Yourself More

Save the effort and money spent on regular salon appointments by switching treatments with homemade packs, manicures and pedicures. It may not replicate the results exactly but is worth saving bucks and resourcefully doing it yourself in your own home.

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Have a happy new year full of resolutions to make your skin glow and hair shine.

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