Keep These 8 Anti-fungal Soaps Close At Hand This Monsoon Season

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Protect yourself from whatever comes this season

Infection can strike when you least expect it this season. Sometimes it's an itch that won't quit and other times, it's redness that appears out of nowhere. More often than not it is caused by bacteria and fungus that increases during the moisture-laden monsoon. That's why it's even more important to keep your body and skin clean and free of itching, redness and bumps this season and for that you need an anti-fungal soap. Pick from these 8 options to take care of your skin this monsoon.

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The Tartosc Coal Tar Bathing Bar is a pack of 4 anti-fungal soaps enriched with bergamot and tea tree oil to prevent infections.

The Ketocrat Soap is an anti-fungal and anti bacterial bathing bar that works on skin infections and dandruff without drying the skin.

The Naturalis Handmade Soap has natural neem oil which relieves dry skin, reduces acne and eczema.

The Myoc Eucalyptus Bathing Bar is a pack of 2 anti-fungal soaps with glycerin, eucalyptus oil and vitamin E.

The Myoc Anti Fungal Soap has a soothing cleansing action which is ideal to heal jock itch, athlete's foot and dandruff.

The Kayos Botanicals Anti-Fungal Soap is a liquid soap with tea tree, peppermint and neem oil that refreshes the body and keeps fungus at bay.

The Aesder Clofung Foam Soap is a pack of 4 soaps which are dermatologist tested anti-fungal soaps to protect from bacteria and viruses.

The Ketotosc Anti-fungal and Antibacterial Bathing Bar protects the skin from fungal infections and unclogs the scalp too.

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Protect yourself from whatever comes this season.