Like Us, Yami Gautam's Best Beauty Secrets Come Straight From Her Grandmother

The star reveals her trusted skin and hair tips

Yami Gautam shares her homemade beauty tips

Raise your hand if your earliest beauty memory includes hot oil head massages and haldi face packs. Many of us are raised on our grandmother's beauty rituals so even decades later, those home remedies continue to reign supreme as the most cost-effective, accessible and effective solutions. Yami Gautam feels the same. She may be one of Bollywood's brightest stars with every beauty product available at her fingertips but the Kaabil actress with enviably flawless skin often chooses homemade beauty concoctions. Best part, they can be whipped up with easily available ingredients and your grandmother would definitely approve of them.

For luscious lashes, make a paste of castor oil with vitamin E oil and aloe vera pulp. Apply it over the eyelashes (make sure none gets in your eyes) before bedtime and leave it on while you sleep. Castor oil is said to boost hair growth while vitamin E nourishes and aloe vera soothes.

The next time you try a DIY facial at home, replace regular water in the recipe with coconut water. Not only is coconut water a refreshing beverage to sip on, it is packed with nutrients which makes it a great toner.

If you find your hair limp and weighed down with the usage of too many products, during your next hair wash, skip conditioner in favour of vinegar. Its acidity helps to rinse out hair products like mousse, gels or waxes from the hair.

What's even more nourishing for your puckers than lip balm? Ghee. Yes, you heard that right. Regularly applying ghee helps get rid of chapped, dry skin for plump, pink lips instead.

For an all-natural face scrub, combine half a teaspoon of turmeric with half tablespoon of sugar and honey. Use it to exfoliate your skin then wipe your face clean with a cold towel. You'll be left with healthy skin and tighter pores.

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