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DIY Wind Chimes To Tune Up Your Home

You can use innovative ideas to create your own wind chimes at home

Make your home a peaceful abode

The gentle tinkling of wind chimes create a pleasing sound, making them a popular pick for a peaceful environment at home. They are significantly connected with vaastu and feng shui. Wind chimes attract positivity and smother bad luck and negativity. The soft tinkling sound meanders in your space and fills the atmosphere with harmony. It is believed to enhance your well-being and bring forth prosperity. It is also of great significance to maximise your profit and gains. There are people who use wind chimes as a sound cure; to influence the path of energy and to remove obstacles that hinders one's wellness.

Although, wind chimes are placed at the entrance of the house, many people use it for decoration purpose inside as well. You can use innovative ideas to create your own wind chimes. They can be made with the help of waste materials as well.

How To Make Wind Chimes At Home

Here are few methods you can use to design your wind chime.

1. Pencil And Ruler Wind Chime

This might sound strange but works effectively. Take multicoloured pencils and drill a small hole on either side to draw strings from it. Place your ruler horizontally and make small holes 1cm apart from each other. Using a string, pass it through the hole on the ruler and tie it. Insert the same string in the pencil hole and secure it. Repeat the same procedure with the leftover pencils. You can also make a hole on the opposite side of the ruler to insert a string, which will enable you to hang it.

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Create beautiful wind chimes at home

2. Tin Can Wind Chime

Take an old hanger and intertwine strings or ribbons on its horizontal surface. Take empty cans, make hole on its flat surface of the lower part. Insert the string hanging on the hanger and tie it. The strings can vary in size. Repeat the same with other cans. Your swirling wind chime is ready. The sound produced by might make you feel uneasy but it will look great as a piece of art.

3. Bracelet Wind Chime

It can be made using your unused bracelets. Else you can create your own bracelets with pearls, wooden and colourful beads. Take an old rusty cookie cutter and hang your bracelets over it. You can also insert a chain on its handle which will enable you to hang it. It will produce a light sound and will brighten the appearance of your entrance.

4. Lamp Shade Wind Chime

This wind chime can contribute as a suitable key holder. Take an old lamp shade and pierce several tiny holes on its either side. Insert ribbons through the holes and tie the other end with numerous keys. Similarly, you can use a metal chain on the other side to easily hang it. You can also paint the lamp to make it look more appealing.

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Take an old lamp shade and turn it into a wind chime

5. Wind Chime With A Whisk

Take an old whisk and tie coloured strings with it. Tie your small metal tools such as gauges, wrenches, screw drivers, etc. to the loose ends of the strings. This is a cheap method of creating a wind chime. It is a weird way of designing but won't demise the appearance of your surrounding.

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These unusual wind chimes will produce melodious sounds and astonish your visitors. You'll enjoy the making of these chimes that will jingle all day long to uplift your mood.