Hand In Hand With Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Nails Two Summer Looks

Trust Priyanka Chopra to rock the two classic summer looks like a boss - white-on-blue denim, and white-on-white

Priyanka nailing the summer look, and how (Image Credit: pcourheartbeat)

You would think that Priyanka Chopra doesn't do simple and easy dressing - it would be silly to think but we won't blame you. Why? Because each time she is photographed, Priyanka looks like a style goddess, be it on the streets, for events, everything (don't even get us started on how she nails it on the red carpet). But guess what? Our PeeCee just gave us two essential summer dressing lessons that everyone should certainly note down in their style diaries. No kidding!

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We have already established that the colour white is owning this summer - thank the many designers and celebrities who showed us that. Of course, white is always a summer colour to rock, but the trend is on an all-time high this season. And Priyanka Chopra just rocked an all-white look, and how! Stepping out of her apartment in a chic white shirt paired with white denims, he looked so cool. Tal about summer vibes! And to balance all the white out, she carried a floral Fendi bag. Way to rock two trends at the same time!

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An all-white look isn't something a lot of people experiment with, but if we follow some basic rules, it is not hard to carry. And that is not all. Looks like Priyanka was in a white-lovin' mood. Because for yet another look yesterday, she chose denim hot pants paired with a white A.L.C Ltd crop top. We loved the cross stitch style of the top. And guess who was she was cycling around with looking all cute and in love? Nick Jonas, duh!

What did we tell ya?

It seems like a summer love story, people. Someone should totally make a movie about and with these two. And if they actually do, you heard it first here.