4 Things That Will Make Your Period Less Painful

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4 Things That Will Make Your Period Less Painful

All you need to have a happy period

Is it your time of the month again? This time, it doesn't have to be a muddle of hormones, emotional swings and terrible cramps because there's a way to make your periods less painful. Better yet, there are 4. The next time it's leak week, these 4 items will come to your rescue.

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1. Hot Water Bottle

When cramps hit (and they will, just you wait), a hot water bottle placed directly on the affected area can work wonders. Not only is it an age-old remedy, it actually eases menstrual cramps by sending a signal to your brain at a molecular level.

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Bottle from Equinox


2. Essential Oil

Before you brush off essential oil as sweet-scented hooey, think again. Research has shown that massaging diluted aromatic oil for menstrual cramps significantly reduces the pain due to its analgesic properties. Add a few drops of lavender or clary sage oil into a carrier oil or body lotion and massage gently to feel the difference.

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Oil from Nyassa


3. Comfy Pants

Does this really need an explanation? Keep your skinny jeans and tights aside for next week as their compressed fit will only exacerbate cramps in your lower abdomen. An adjustable pair with drawstrings (no, not pajamas) can be what you need.

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Pants from Fascination


4. Peppermint Tea

Before your period cycle comes around, stock up on peppermint tea. One, because it's a cup full of minty goodness. Two and most importantly, because the menthol in it helps relax uterine muscles and thus, alleviate cramps.

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Tea from Twinings


Now go on and have a happy period.



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