Make Self-Care Your 2019 New Year's Resolution With These 5 Items

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Make Self-Care Your 2019 New Year's Resolution With These 5 Items

Make yourself a priority in 2019

Self-care has been thrown around plenty in the past few years but it's far more than a bubble bath with a glass of wine. In these manic modern times, it's important to care for your mind and body for smooth functioning every day. That can mean different things to different people but the end result that self-care aims to achieve is the best version of yourself. If you've made the resolution to dedicate more of your time to self-care in 2019, these 5 items can make it a reality.

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1. Mask On

A simple face mask can transform the way you feel after a tough day that has gone on too long. It isn't just calming to sit back but also incredibly beneficial to your skin as well. The Skin Salad Tea Tree Overnight Face Mask is made with tea tree oil, neem and aloe vera to do away with dark spots and blemishes. It is available for Rs 386 from Rs 699. Shop here.


Mask from Skin Salad


2. Colour Away

Colouring; it isn't just for kindergarteners. Adult colouring has taken the world by storm and there's a reason why. It's a peaceful activity that doesn't require much skill or involve digital screen and helps boost cognitive abilities. The Camlin Adult Coloring Kit comes with a 32-page colouring book for adults with a pack of bi-colour pencils and a sharpener. It is available for Rs 399. Shop here.


Kit from Camlin


3. Sit Down

If you're someone who is on their feet 24x7, sitting down and getting a good foot rub at the end of the day may be your self-care remedy. Take it a step further with the Lifelong Max Foot, Leg And Calf Massager. It has 3 customisable options, covers a large area of the leg and massages with vibrations and compressions over the ankle, calves and feet. It is available for Rs 11,999 from Rs 35,999. Shop here.


Massager from Lifelong


4. Toss The Junk

Many find that cleaning and organising can be especially soothing for them. De-clutter your life with the Hojo Multifunction Acrylic Rack. It has a sleek appearance with compartments and can be used to organize any part of the house, from the vanity table to living room. It is available for Rs 349 from Rs 1,149. Shop here.


Organizer from Hojo


5. Read About It

If you'd like to fit self-care into your busy life more seamlessly, read how in Self-Care For The Real World by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips. It's a handy guide to add more of it into your life in the most practical ways. It is available for Rs 474. Shop here.


Book by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips



Here's to a peaceful, motivated 2019 ahead.