Air Purifiers: 8 Best Air Purifiers Under Rs 30,000 To Beat Delhi Pollution

Best Air Purifiers: Top 8 air purifiers for your home to fight hazardous levels of air pollution in Delhi

Best Air Purifiers: Top 8 air purifiers for your home to fight air pollution

With Delhi Pollution hitting an all-time high, the need of the hour is to look after your health and stay protected. Pollution levels on Sunday crossed the 600-mark (primary pollutant: pm10) early morning, covering the city in a grey blanket of smog. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), this year the city recorded an AQI (Air Quality Index) of 494, the highest since November 6, 2016 and also considered to be hazardous for health. If you thought air purifiers were a luxury, well, it isn't anymore. Air purifiers are a must-have in your home, car and office to fight toxic levels of air pollution. While the Delhi government has implemented the "odd-even" traffic rationing scheme this Monday in the hope to reduce the choking smog, you too can take measures such as getting air purifiers for home.

Getting the best air purifiers for home doesn't mean that you need to spend huge. There are air purifiers available for all kinds of budgets - even for Rs 5,000 - that will make a difference in fighting the current pollution scenario. By now, we all know how bad pollution in Delhi is, but are you wondering how this is affecting your health? According to health experts, long-term exposure to air pollution can cause permanent health problems such as decreased lung function, accelerated ageing of the lungs, breathing problems, diseases like asthma, bronchitis and possibly cancer. According to World Health Organisation, "The health effects of air pollution are serious - one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution. This is having an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco, and much higher than, say, the effects of eating too much salt." So with AQI at 494, it's as equivalent as smoking more than 100 cigarettes a day.

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Top Air Purifiers For Great Deals On Amazon

When it comes to health, picking the best air purifier is top priority. But we also understand that availing discounts and saving money is something everyone looks forward to. So we have listed down some of the top deals and offers on Amazon for air purifiers:

  • Upto 35% off on Honeywell air purifiers

  • MI air purifier for under Rs 7000

  • Upto 40% off on car air purifiers

  • Over 20% off on Philips air purifiers

  • Dyson air purifiers for best prices

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Best Air Purifiers In India Under Rs 30,000

Wondering what are the best air purifiers for home? We have put together a list of 8 best air purifiers for under Rs 30,000:

1. Cuckoo Air Purifier B Model

This air purifier from Cuckoo comes with 7-level filtration system to remove harmful pollutants from the air and keep you protected from pollution. It also features various modes like auto, room care, yellow dust, baby mode, turbo, filter replacement indicator, sterilisation mode, etc.

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2. Philips Series 3000 2-In-1 Air Purifier With Humidifier

This 2-in-1 purifier and humidifier balances its two functions to perform in rooms up to 80 m2/861 sq. ft. against dust, allergens, smoke, dry air discomfort, harmful gases, particles, etc. Its hygienic humidification comes with 4 pre-set humidity levels.

3. Blueair Blue Pure 121 220-Watt Air Purifier

An affordable air purifier, it has almost double the filter area and high clean air delivery rate (cadr). It cleans the entire volume of air in large rooms five times per hour. It features low noise, energy efficiency with touch push buttons and 360 degree air intake.

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4. Sharp FP-J60M-W Air Purifier With Digital PM2.5 Real-Time Display

This air purifier from Sharp features dual action - active Plasmacluster technology that reduces germs and odours, and HEPA filtration that captures allergens including pollen and dust. It also includes real-time digital indoor PM2.5 level display.

5. Daikin MC70MVM6 Room Air Purifier

This air purifier from Daikin has 6-stage filtration process for better air cleaning. Daikin's air purifying technology decomposes and removes bacteria, viruses, odours, allergens, adjuvants, formaldehyde, mould spores and other undesirable airborne components.

6. Mi Air Purifier 2S Bundle With Echo Dot

This bundle contains Mi Air Purifier 2S and Echo Dot. You can pair Mi Airpurifier with Alexa and use Echo Dot to control the Mi Airpurifier using just your voice.

7. Toshiba Air Purifier

This air purifier from Toshiba provides higher clean air delivery rate of 300 m3/h. With every change of the grade of air quality, the purifier works harder with its Airtrac Technology and 10 fan speed settings to purify the air.

8. Honeywell Air Touch-P 66-Watt Air Purifier

This Air Touch air purifier offers the best in class air flow design ensures a zero blind angle and optimum air suction to enable high efficiency of purification. The low noise of operation is enhanced by the additional feature of a built-in sleep mode.

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